• Application Programming Interfaces (API)

    For Fishisfast, LLC, we've developed several API's. These allow them to extend their web based application to hand held units carried by the warehouse team. We've developed API's to integrate the server and desktop applications.

  • Fleet Communications

    Designed an interface that allows fleet dispatchers, using their desktop dispatching module, to communicate with their drivers through satellite communications programs (such as QualComm's Omnitracs) or via automatically generated email to handhelds.

    Fleet management
  • Imaging

    Developed an interface allowing back-office staff to print, and later on, to rapidly scan and store bar coded documents. This provided a simple solution for carriers needing both electronic and hardcopy versions of various forms. The interface, using Inlite Research Inc's ClearImage toolkit, takes documents read by ordinary scanners, then automatically locates and interprets the printed bar codes. The image of the scanned document is then classified and stored for later retrieval.

  • Mapping & Routing

    We integrated mapping and routing features into Infosite's Dispatch-Mate Transportation Management Software. Our program design allows users to communicate trip details with a variety of industry leading routing programs including: ALK's PC Miler, Microsoft's MapPoint, Promiles Software Development Corporation's Promiles, and Rand McNally's IntelliRoute. The interface allows trip details to be shared between the dispatching, routing and mapping modules. Distances, and travel time calculated, routes evaluated and the results displayed on maps and printed in travel documents.

    Mapping logos
  • Web Sites

    For Fleurco Shower Doors, we've developed an on-line configurator. In a highly intuitive fashion, this site allows dealers to choose a shower line and model configuration, specify the basic dimensions, and prepare a custom quote. The resulting bill of materials, schematics and pricing are automatically displayed for review. For a local graphic artist, we've prepared a web site that allows customers to upload raw photographs along with requests for corrections. The artist then uploads the resulting artwork for approval and payment. For Auberge Val Carroll, we've prepared a web site that allow the owners to easily add and maintain articles describing their beautiful facility. The site uses a content management system that gives non-technical individuals tremendous control over their site. This allows them to keep the site up to date with minimal effort & cost.

  • Accounting modules & interfaces

    In addition to programming in-house accounting modules, we've also developed interfaces for many of the major commercial accounting packages. For Infosite Technologies we designed and implemented an effective, simple to maintain interface that allows their product suite to communicate with a variety of accounting packages, such as: Bell's Avantage, Fortune 1000's Acomba, Intuit's QuickBooks, Sage's AccPac & Simply Accounting. For Novexco, we've assisted in maintaining the G/L module for their Offix suite of retail software.

    Accounting logos